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Gear Oil & Transmission Oils These are multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil of heavy duty types incase oils meet API performance requirement. Zed-Plus Transmission fluid a premium quality oil possessing thermal & oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity seal compatibility foam control, corrosion control & antiwear properties. It is recommended for use in automatic transmission power steering units, leading earth moving equipment manufactures.
Cutshrol SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL This is a general purpose emulsifiable oil and forms a milky white emulsion. A heavy duty cutting oil which contains an extreme pressure additive. Additional Information: Item Code: 40
Starter Oil Starter Oil (Transfer Oil) (Transformer Oil Tested) ZED-PLUS Transformer oil is suitable for small & big starters. ZED-PLUS Transformer oil available in 22 and 33 KVA Transformer and its equivalent. Salient Features: Dust Free & Moisture Free. Double Filter, Non Freeze Tested Precaution: Clear the oil tank before pouring Zed Transformer oil before pouring it is best to filter one time also.
Rubber Processing Oil ELLOSTA-710 & ELLOSTA - 245 This is an aromatic type of oil & due to the presence of doluble bonds it is the least stable compared to ELLOSTA 245This is dark in colour and has good solvency making it compatible with most rubber polymers. It finds extensive use in the manufacture of automobile tyres. Beltings, battery, cases etc. Where colour is not an important factor. But ELLOSTA 245 has low solvency.
Quenching Oil (Tempering Oil) Zed-Plus quenching oil grades have been specially formulated from highly refined petroleum oil with additives and have the following characteristics. Good thermal properties High boiling points & low volatility High Flash & fire points Good chemical & oxidation stability.