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All types of Greases Manufacturer.
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Gear Oil & Transmission Oils Manufacturer In Mumbai. These are multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil of heavy duty types incase oils meet API performance requirement. Zed-Plus Transmission fluid a premium quality oil possessing thermal & oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity seal compatibility foam control, corrosion control & antiwear properties. It is recommended for use in automatic transmission power steering units, leading earth moving equipment manufactures.
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Compressor Oil Manufacturer In Mumbai. Leading the way in refrigeration lubricants. Zed Plus grades are formulated from specially selected lube base strokes to provides low pour point, low floc point, dryness good chemical stability and ready solubility in liquefied refrigerant.
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VACUUM OIL manufacturer in Mumbai.
Engine Oil Maltigrade Supplier in Mumbai. Engine Oil Maltigrade 20 W 40-15 W 50 Premium: High performance oils blended from high Viscosity index base stocks and potent additive package containing detergent, dispersant, antiwear, antioxidant and antifoam agents. These oils meet API CC/SC, performance levels. Zed-Plus recommended for use in Diesel & petrol Engines.