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Heat Transfer Fluid HYTHEROM 500, 600 HYTHEROM 500 & 600 is a thermic fluid designed to cover a board range of heat transfer applications. This indirect form of heating a system is widely used to achieve a better control and uniform distribution of heat.The product is characterized by the following. Excellent oxidation & chemical stability Good heat transfer properties Low volatility Non corrosive & non toxic It is used for most conventional operations & finds extensive application in the textile, pharmaceutical, chemical & processing industries.
Bitzol BITZOL (A product from Bitzol compressor International Germany) (DE-HYDRATED COMPRESSOR OIL FOR USE IN A/c COMPRESSOR WHICH USE 404a REFRIGERANT.) Bitzol Refrigeration oil is recommended for use with 404-a Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning application. Highmiscibility low foaming Excellent thermol stability lowfloc point, solvency & excellent compatibility.
Gear Oil And Transmission Oil These are multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil of heavy duty types incase oils meet API performance requirement. Zed-Plus Transmission fluid a premium quality oil possessing thermal & oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity seal compatibility foam control, corrosion control & antiwear properties. It is recommended for use in automatic transmission power steering units, leading earth moving equipment manufactures.
Engine Oil Maltigrade High performance oils blended from high Viscosity index base stocks and potent additive package containing detergent, dispersant, antiwear, antioxidant and antifoam agents. These oils meet API CC/SC, performance levels. Zed-Plus recommended for use in Diesel & petrol Engines.
Sunizol Compressor OilAsk For Price Sunizol Compressor Oil SUNIZOL(De-hydrated Compressor Oil for 134-A, 502-A) Sunizol is non mineral compressor oil with polyalkylene glycol of polyster (PE) Imported Lubricants.